BAUSTYR was established in 2002 and operates on the Slovak and foreign markets. The company is engaged in the production of decorative facade elements and profiles, which are suitable for both exterior and interior use. It also manufactures corporate logos, columns, and any atypical shapes at the request (order) of their clients. Decorative facade elements serve to lasting satisfaction - they add a magic touch to the object and spatially highlight a sense of aesthetics and lifestyle. Their use has many forms - they are a perfect fit for family houses, villas, restaurants, banks, mansions and various other types of objects. They facilitate the renovation of historical monuments and recover their original style. Decorative profiles and elements are manufactured from expanded self-extinguishing, stabilized polystyrene with a bulk density of 25-50 kg/m3  in exceptional cases up to 100 kg/m3 . Decorative mouldings and other decorative elements are coated with a silicon-enriched, non-pollutant sand coating that meets the toughest European criteria in this field, making facade elements exceptional in strength, durability, and weathering. Decorative mouldings and elements can be glued to many grounds - to external thermal insulation systems, plastered and unplastered walls, plasterboard, wood, chipboards.

Since the autumn of 2006, we have expanded our product line by interior decorative elements and mouldings made of extruded polystyrene and a new material called Purcell. Our assortment of cornice -, pelmet -, wall and hemming mouldings is complemented with interior decorative elements made of special material Purcell filled in casting moulds or by foaming moulds in the case of many types of rosettes. Carefully selected decorative interior mouldings and elements can beautify and brighten up even the plainest rooms lifting them up with style, elegance and a harmonious touch, thus making your surroundings even more enjoyable. Manipulation with them is very easy fake rolex and they are quick to assemble. They can be glued to a clean, solid, dry and smooth surface. By the application of a suitable dispersion or water-based coat of paint they can not be distinguished from the original pieces made of plaster.